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Last month my tweets were seen over 24,000 times compared to a mere 2,332 in July. I got 2,162 new followers in August compared to 23 in July. And my Twitter profile was viewed over 4,600 times in August versus just 294 times in July.


So what made the drastic difference between July and August? How did I see a 1000% increase in my tweet impressions? How did I get 1464% more profile views? By following these 3 simple steps:

#1. Tweet More
At the beginning of August, I did some research and found that companies that use Twitter successfully tweet multiple times a day. In July I hadn’t even tweeted once a day! So in August I increased my tweeting to an average of 2.5 times per week day (not counting weekends). By getting more content out more often people are more likely to see my tweets, engage with them, and follow me.

#2. Follow People
I discovered that the more people that you follow, the more people follow you. So after a month of not getting many new followers, I started intentionally expanding my community. I started following top influencers. I started following people in my same niche. I started following people who interacted with me. I started following people that could get value from my tweets. And sure enough, the number of people following me grew steadily.

#3. Be Consistent
If “content is king”, then consistency is queen. Using Social Media has to be a daily thing (or at least every week day. Take the weekends off to rest). It does you no good to tweet multiple times a day one week and then not tweet at all the next. Be on Twitter every day. Tweet every day. Follow someone new every day. Like other’s tweets every day. You don’t have to spend a lot of time, but you do have to spend time.

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