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My previous blog post discussed why you shouldn’t retweet. My basic premise for why you shouldn’t retweet in a business context is that it promotes others instead of your own company. There are, however, reasons why it is in your company’s best interest to promote others’ tweets. In these instances, retweeting is kind of like word of mouth promotion. Below I give a few examples of why you should retweet:

Retweet Reviews
Sometimes customers will tweet out their satisfaction and tag the company in the tweet. Such an example might be “I just got the greatest advice from @invenst.” This is a reason why you should retweet. Sharing a positive customer review is in line with your company’s goal of being on Twitter which is to promote your brand. Retweeting helps the original tweet go further and reach more people, making the mention of your company more visible. The retweet shows up on your own Twitter wall so that followers can see it there and know others are satisfied with your product.

Retweet Partners
If you are partnering with another company, non-profit, or brand it can be beneficial to retweet them. Again, retweeting helps another person’s tweet get more reach. So if you are partnering with others for an event or a campaign or something of that nature it is in your own company’s best interest to help the other party’s tweet be seen as much as possible. An example is if a food truck is doing a pop-up at a local brewery and tweets out “We’ll be at @NodaBrewing from 7-9 tonight. Stop on by for great food and beer!” It would be a good idea for the Noda Brewing to retweet the food truck to share the information with the brewery’s followers as well. In this case, retweeting also serves to show the partnership between your two companies by displaying their tweets on your wall (and vice versa if they retweet you).

Retweet Employees
If you are a company with employees that have their own business Twitter accounts you should retweet. For example, you are a mortgage brokering company and an employee tweets an image of a couple with the caption “I just helped Chuck and Cindy close on their first home.” This is something your company wants to retweet. Doing so is a way that you can publicly recognize the good work that that employee has done and helps promote them for other would-be clients. And of course, promoting your employees is promoting your company.

Why should you retweet? When doing so would promote your company/brand/image. It’s pretty much that simple!

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Disclosure: This post does not contain affiliate links. I have worked with or been a customer at some of the companies mentioned, and I think you may benefit from checking them out.